//Why Should A Business Send Christmas Cards?

Why Should A Business Send Christmas Cards?

For some its viewed as another cost, more money, not just the printing, but the running around the office getting people to sign, to add a level of personalisation.

This is all true, but looking from a different perspective, how easy is it to get people to read any message from your company, whether straightforward promotion or Newsletter? We all know it’s becoming more challenging, so we should take every opportunity to speak to our customers and potential customers when an opportunity arises.

Don’t underestimate the power of physical print.

According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), physical print has a lifespan of on average 17 days compared to an emails average of just 2 seconds. A Christmas card will be displayed and viewed by many so, if it engages well, people will tell others.

Direct mail generates a 4.4% response rate compared to 0.12% from emails and this is where the use of a Christmas card can be expanded to not only develop off line relationships but to give someone a reason to further engage online.

Christmas – Landing Page and Email vs Real World

From a cost, perspective email wins over physical printed matter, but when you place something real in the hands of a prospect it makes you and your business appear more real and this builds more trust.

But not everyone is fully engaged with the online world and even those that have such a short attention span that getting a message across is more than a little challenging.

The Christmas Card will be opened and viewed way more than any email Xmas card sent, so its impact is far greater and the trust built, will help sales both now and in the future. Getting customers to cross over between the physical world and the online world and then knowing who will engage in the real world but not the online world, is all data that can help you future marketing.

Xmas – Short Period of Opportunity

Christmas comes along just once per year and is connected to one of the top sales periods for many companies, especially retail, so any opportunity you have to gain the attention of existing or potential customers should be taken with both hands.

Christmas Cards will generate easy attention which should be tapped into.

Organise the printing of your business Christmas Cards in plenty of time to make maximum use of their impact.

Ways to use business Xmas Cards

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use the cards for your business, read our blog 8 Ways to Use the Christmas Cards to Promote Your Business

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