//Printed Matter Still Has an Important Role in Sales

Printed Matter Still Has an Important Role in Sales

Digital – How Many Seconds Attention?

We keep being told how few seconds you get before people start leaving your website, video or any other content you create online and the time keeps coming down! Overwhelm springs to mind when looking at all the information that exists today, so it’s no wonder people race from one thing to another, afraid they are going to miss something

Does Print Still Have a Place in Advertising?

Some stats that say yes:

  1. 86% of consumer still open direct mail
  2. 64% of consumers value the post they receive
  3. 52% of people receive greater satisfaction from reviewing their mail compared to email

And how many emails never get opened – just deleted or get sent to an email address that’s never used.

The Catalogue – an Undervalued Medium

The humble catalogue is the second most popular way of learning about products. The act of physically engaging with something counts for a lot and a catalogue gets people engaged with your product range.

In the B2B sector, brochures and associated printed matter are still expected, which then sits on desks in view for a far longer period than any email or website content.

eBook vs Physical Books

A swing back to physical books from eBooks, shows there are people who prefer the feel of the physical, as the Kindle, which was all the rage just a couple of years ago, has found its way to the back of the draw. This was highlighted by figures released by the Publishing Association, saying consumer sales of eBooks have dropped 17%.

Will Print Return to its Heyday?

No probably not, but when you look at growth figures for print being estimated at 20-30% it’s clear that print is far from dying. Change has taken place and the online ability to buy some print like you buy consumer goods has altered the landscape, but there are many sectors of print where the specialist is not just alive and kicking, but growing.

This growth is across many sectors of print and this is being strengthened further through training programs that will help develop a well-trained workforce for the future.

Email vs Direct Mail

When looking at email industry standards provided by MailChimp, most see open rates below 20%.

The critical element is the response rate, which according to the DMA, is 4.4% for direct Mail compared to 0.12% for email. This is no insignificant number and applies to B2B and B2C alike.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that, the message, quality and a well-planned out campaign greatly influence results, but it shows print still works when done right and let’s face it, how many of the emails we receive, do we read?

Time for A Re-Look at Print?

If you’ve not looked at print recently it may be time to review and look at what print can offer, both in terms of getting printed matter into the hands of prospects and how technology has influenced the ability mix online and offline or add additional security or other features not previously possible.

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