//Should You Still Use Business Cards?

Should You Still Use Business Cards?

Looking at a picture of a stunning sports car cannot compare to being able to touch, sit in and drive it. The level of reality and affinity the experience generates can never be created with images, words or video.

Although the business card can’t exactly be compared to the sports car, the principle of how real you and your business appear to the outside world can be influenced by the humble business card.

Parked Red Ferrari F12

Ever Been Without Your Cards?

Being in a business environment and discovering you’ve either left your business cards behind or you’ve run out, is not only embarrassing, but can make you less real to those around you who are exchanging cards. How long will they remember you and what if you provide a service that someone wants afterwards, but no card and poor memory result in the opportunity being lost.

Business Card Missed Opportunity

If you do any sort of networking where you meet new people you’ll collect business cards, but what do you do with them?
If you place them in your email system and send an email acknowledging them, you’ll immediately strengthen your relationship, so long as you don’t try and sell them in this first email.

The Business Card Social Media Platform

We accept that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are social platforms that we can tap into when reaching out to potential clients, but the real world reach out can be more powerful, because a physical piece of marketing material placed in the hand, makes you and your business more real to the reader, especially when handed in person. So, giving out large numbers of business cards will only help your business.

How Many Business Cards Should You Give Out

Black and white photo of business man holding a business card out for someone to take

As many as possible is the obvious answer. When at a meeting or an event, give everyone a card where applicable, look for every opportunity you can to give out a card – people will put them in their pocket or case, which means there’s a very good chance they’ll see it again – which is more than can be said for a post on Facebook! Also, unlike your Facebook post, they’ll spend some time looking at and reading your card when handed in person.

Challenge – Could You Give Out More Business Cards Than This?

Until recently the world record holder for car sales was Joe Girard who sold just over 13000 cars in 15 years. One technique he used was getting out plenty of business cards where he would distribute up to 16,000 per month.

This was all done before the days of the internet and some of his methods would probably get frowned upon today – one method he used was to go to a football or baseball game (yes he was American) and when his side scored and everyone jumped up to cheer he would do the same, but at the same time spray business cards in the air.

What Should Your Business Card Say?

Your name is a good start, but in reality, a piece of card with just your name on isn’t going to be remembered and will end up in the bin quite quickly because they won’t remember what you do, so have no reason to keep it.

Adding your company and contact details will help and adding your position helps identify if you’re the right person to speak to in your company.

Business Card Branding

Take a pile of business cards that you’ve accumulated, spread them out and ‘take a look’ – some will stand out and some will be more memorable.

The quality, finish and info on the card will help you look more professional and again make it easier for someone to remember you and your company.

On the Other Side

Remember there are two sides to your card – what’s on the back of yours? The reverse side is an opportunity to place a strap line, quote or something important or memorable.

The humble business card still has an important role, so ask the question is it time for a business card make over?

If you’re serious about business, you should be serious about your business cards.

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