//Visitor Passes & Your Business

Visitor Passes & Your Business

Do you have visitors?

Many companies, organisations as well as events use passes, but what options are available and how do they help?

You wouldn’t want someone to be able to just walk in and look around your company finding out all your secrets, so having a pass to access some areas is now standard practice. Of course, it also applies to security and safety, where the unmanned entrance or reception has become the norm today.


Where can A Pass be Used?

Schools or institutions of education will require a visitor to have visitors badge or pass before being allowed to go into the building. Many businesses use visitor badges from the humble ‘sticky label’ to the commonly used tear off version that is placed in a holder and placed around your neck.

Events are large users of badges or passes, but unlike a smaller business or an educational institution, they’ll probably use an on-sight printer to print the variable data.


How Can a Pass be More Than a Pass?

Branding Your Pass

First and foremost, it should be branded. Never miss an opportunity to keep your name in front of people, especially anyone important such as a customer or VIP. Remember people will look for a name when first introduced, so the name on the pass will be viewed regularly.

This is especially important at an event, where people are likely to take their badge home when they leave. You walk out of the exhibition with all your literature in a bag and the badge is often dropped in the same bag and keeps being seen when you review the literature collected.


Data Protection

Protecting people’s identity is important today. One simple way this can be done is with the tear off sheet where the persons details are hidden once the badge is filled out and removed. This prevents someone from looking down a list of names.


Pass Security the Next Level

With the best will in the world there are occasions when a pass leaves the building, which raises the question “can it be used again?” The answer is yes and no as it depends on the level of security needed.

If you need to make sure someone can’t re-use the pass, clever fading inks or links to technology which track who’s onsite and more if needed, can take the security of your passes to the required level.


Health and Safety Information

A pass can be two-sided and on one side your Health and Safety rules can be listed. It can be made clear that signing in means they will adhere to these rules. This might include information such as ‘no mobile phone use’ while in key areas or ‘no smoking’ and what to do in case of a fire.


Use of Colour in Your Passes

If everyone in your organisation has a lanyard with a badge or access pass hanging from it, it can be good to make sure visitors are easily identifiable by staff members, so a staff member can ask if they need help if they see someone with a visitor coloured badge on their own.

Lanyards can be used in the same way, where visitors have a different colour, to make them easily identifiable.

With either method, it’s important that you make it clear they must be worn at all times.


Visitor Passes Have Become Normal

Depending on your requirements in terms of security, there’s a system to suit, whether a simple label or the more sophisticated trackable badge systems. If your looking at a requirement but are not sure where to start, feel free to call and ask for assistance.



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